Getting Started
       MSBNX Overview
       Main Application Window
       Menus and Toolbars
       Floating Windows
       Model Creation
Key Concepts
       Basics of Bayesian Inference and Belief Networks
       Probability Assessment Overview
       Standard Assessment
       Asymmetric Assessment
       Causal Independence
       File Formats
       Properties and Property Types
       Model Push and Pop
       Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
Windows, Dialogs and Toolbars
       Application Menus
       Application Toolbar
       Model Diagram Window
       Model Diagram Window Toolbar
       Diagram Window Context Menus
       Diagram Properties
       Find Node
       Bar Charts
       Model and Node Properties
       Change Node Distribution
       Color Model Variables
       Model Evaluation Window
       Evaluation Display Options
       Compilation Errors
       Diagram Zoom and Print Scale
       Performing Standard Assessment
       About MSBNX Dialog
Other Topics
       Web Links
       Details of Asymmetric Assessment
       Advanced Topics
             Introduction to Advanced Topics
             About Add-Ins
                   Add-ins: Concepts and Interfaces
                   Add-in Management
                   Creating an Add-in: an Overview
                   The Document Interface
                   The Add-in Interface
             Program Automation
             MSBNX Automation Type Library
             MSBNX Components
             DTAS Popup Menu Object
             File Format Details