MSBNX Overview

What is MSBNX?

MSBNX is a Microsoft Windows software application that supports the creation, manipulation and evaluation of Bayesian probability models.

Each model is represented as a graph or diagram. The random variables are shown as ellipses, called nodes, and the conditional dependencies are shown as arrows, or directed arcs, between variables.

At the present time, MSBNX only supports discrete distributions for its model variables.

Models are saved to and loaded from disk-based text files in an XML-based format. See File Formats for more information.

MSBNX supports simultaneous viewing and evaluation of multiple models.

Basic Information

For information on Bayesian models and inference see the following topics:

Key Topics

Additional Possibilities

The primary application and the underlying components of MSBNX are separately usable as Microsoft COM-compliant "automation" objects. You can write programs using various languages on the Microsoft Windows platform and exploit many of the capabilities available from within the MSBNX application. See Advanced Topics for more information.